Monday September 7th 8am-5pm - Spoke with National First Ladies' Library about digital exhibit and webinar. organized button collection 1976-1980

Thursday September 10th 8am-12pm - Organized and collected relevant buttons from 1982-86. 

Friday September 11th 5pm 9pm - Organized and collected relevant buttons from  1986-1990.

Monday September 14th  8am-5pm - Organized and collected relevant buttons from 1990-1998. Break. Organized and collected relevant buttons from 2000 to 2004.

Thursday September 17th 8am-12pm- Began photographing buttons.

Friday September 18th 8am- 5pm - completed Organizing and collecting relevant buttons (2008, 2012, 2016). Break. Began selecting and splitting buttons into categories.

Monday September 21th 8am-5pm - Researching the history of the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter and wrote the page for the online exhibit, adding several photos of buttons using Rosie related images.

Thursday September 24th 9am-12pm -creating the categories: the themes of First Ladies, FLOTUS Hopefuls, First Families, Women Political Candidates, and Appeals for the Female vote. 

Friday September 25th - 9am 5pm Researching button collection, photographing and uploading images to Omeka and building pages for online exhibit. 

Monday September 28th - 9am-5pm Found another button collection in the archive and began going through it, photographing relevant buttons, and adding them to the exhibit. In some cases having to reshoot entire sections to include the newly discovered buttons. 

Monday October 5th 9am-5pm - Photographed 'Family values' themed buttons and wrote text for them.

Monday October 12th 9am-5pm - More campaign pins donated to the Popular Culture Library. Several were found useful for this project and cataloged. 

Thursday October 15th 9am-12pm- Photographing button collections day. 

Thursday October 22nd 9am-12pm - Researched and wrote biographies on Geraldine "Gerry" Ferraro, and Willie Mae Ried and uploaded images online.

Friday October 23rd 9am-5pm - Researched and wrote biographies on Margaret Trowe, Ezola B. Foster, Winona Laduke, Charles Curtis, and uploaded images to website.

Monday October 26th 9am-5pm- wrote biographies for Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, others, including Oprah Winfrey along the Obama campaign trail. 

Thursday, October 29th 9am-12pm- wrote biography for Sarah Palin, others, including Oprah Winfrey along the Obama campaign trail. 

Friday, October 30th 9am-5pm - completed uploading photos and text for the BGSU Library digital exhibit and made it 'live' https://digitalgallery.bgsu.edu/exhibits/show/femalepoliticalcollectables/intro

Monday, November 2nd 9am-5pm wrote the text and built the slideshow presentation for the National First Ladies' Library virtual talk; sent it to them for approval. 

Thursday, November 12th 9am-12pm Got approval, set up the virtual presentation and and live virtual tour.

Friday, November 13th 9am-11am Set up video link with National First ladies' Library had a private discussion about the talk; Gave the virtual talk from 10am to 11am for 78 attendees. 

138 total hours

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